Dreamcoin - Weekly report, written by main developer TSosunov

July 12th 2016 - Dreamcoin has expanded to the States, we have now a team on both side of the continents. The USA team will focus more on permaculture and we in Finland sea resources. More news about this later this month. Collegestudent and his team is building us the stealth wallet, while our new coder is focusing on web wallet with cool updated graphics. More info by 20th of July, take care Dreamers.

July 29th 2016 - Dreamcoin Web wallet is under production, the Stealth wallet as well. We our aiming to finalize these by autumn. Dreamcoin Ecosystem Finland is looking for a land to purchase, we have the seeds (herbs, etc..) ready, but no place to plant them. Dreamshop will be finally on line 1st of august (a place where Dreamers can buy and sell their surplus products).

August 21th 2016 - Dreamcoin Web wallet ready by september, but Stealth wallet due date prosponed until end of 2016 (or beyond). Dreamcoin Ecosystem is looking into purchase of this land in Southwestern Finland - http://www.tori.fi/varsinais-suomi/Metsatila_Kiskosta_27184206.htm?ca=18&w=116 - I let everyone know will we have a deal. The idea is to build a all year round greenhouse (with rocket oven stove) for starters and continue from there on.

August 26th 2016 - At the moment we have the fish keep (all ready containing some fish) - two boat (one for hunting and one for fishing, the hunting boat is build for the Ecosystem and fine tuned for camouflage and hunt) The fishtrap is now only 6 x 1meter in size and is not even close to optimal. We will build the grant fishtrap from wood and havas(http://www.kivikangas.fi/solmullinen-polyeteenihavas) by autumn. Interesting will be to see how this will work for herring and salmon The Ecosystem has rent a land from Espoo, southwestern Finland, and will begin to build winter garden heated by solar panels and rocket oven. We have now three re curve bow in production (juniper, walnut and rowan). When ready on sale at the Dreamshop.

October 7th 2016 - Winter Garden is a ready - a 3 square meter box with plants and wildlife inside. The garden is heated by solar panels which fill the batteries during the day and frees the stored energy in the night by burning a lamp inside. The temrature will drop below 0 degrees by december so we have built a rocket oven heat system aswell to keep the heat even on cold winter nights. Together we will reach for the stars and conquer the deserts. E. Harper from U.S Georgia has joined our team and will begin to upgrade the technical side of Dreamcoin (www wallet etc. in the pipeline).

December 24th 2016 - The rocket oven has proven to keep temperature above +5 celsius even at low temperatures as -12 celsius.. Seventh Wave ltd - our animation studios is finalizing a deal with YLE (Finnish Broadcast Company). We will produce 26 x 11 minutes children animation by 2018. All the monetary transactions will of course be done using our own silver based currency - Dreamcoin. More updates about this on january as the contract is signed.

March 10th 2017 - 10 days until spring solstice. The Finnish National Channel has received our offer for producing 26 x 11 minutes animation series on january - we are still waiting for their reply. A local fish store has accepted our request for taking in the fish we catch from our sea area Matilda strait. This enables us to preceed with the core function designed for Dreamcoin - harvesting energy of the sun and core of earth (sell fish and purchase more land and sea). By the end of march a contract will be signed that enables us to use a vast area in Northern Finland, Sodankylä. The area consist a total of 5000m2 of land and the rights for a nearby lake (fishing etc.). On March 20th will be spring solstice.

March 27th 2017. According to Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679), "a free man is he that in those things which by his strength and wit he is able to do is not hindered to do what he hath the will to do" (Leviathan, Part 2, Ch. XXI). Dreamers we are a flame of freedom in a world satureted with tyranny. This violent power is often called "authority", "the state" or some other abstract word. But in fact it is only an excuse for a very small people to controll the majority. For Dreamers, the times of tyranny are over - we have purchased a land(5000square meters) from Northern Finland where no officials will come and sabotage the sun harvesters we build (log house, farm land, ponds, solar energy plant etc). Many more sea areas and land will be on our name in very near future, I will post pictures and more detailed information about these in the coming weeks.

June 5th 2017. Dreamcoin Ecosystem has expanded to Tavastia Proper 170km from Espoo to northwest, we have aquired 2500 square meters of land from very beautiful location. This fertile land will be used for pheasant raising, sustainable fish farming, row and deer forage, tree farming, hunting + many other permanent agriculture endeavours. We will build 10 square meter rocket oven heated hunting cabin from recycled materials. At the current rate 100 DRMs equal one dollar - this will provide many opportunities for the Ecosystem to expand and take hold on the real economy (of products and services). More about these in the coming weeks. Remember to check out our latest promotional videos on facebook (https://vimeo.com/219527376 and others).

30th of July 2017. Sudden and unsuspected BTC price rise has served Dreamcoin as well. Now that 100 DRMs equals about 2 dollars (with 40-50t market cap) new members from Espoo communal have joined our Ecosystem. We have some new members abroad, as well - mainly from central europe and US. In case you wish to found your very own Dreamteam - http://dreamcoin.fi/Dreamteamb.pdf - the Ecosystem will gladly provide funds.
The Ecosystem has came to the conclusion Cryptopia exchange will not serve our interest at the moment. Instead all efforts will be used to begin our very own animated tv serie - we have several promenent investors in line. More info coming later. We have invested into a small seacraft and begun to fish at Espoo waters as well. Sea resources here seem very promenent, we cathed higly valuabe(in dollar terms) flounder. Make your Dreams come true and let nothing stand on your way.

27th of September 2017. Dreamcoin has joined a joint effort for permanent agriculture and farm at Somero, South Western Finland. See the link below -> http://www.maakunto.fi. The homestead aims to produce food with 100% ethical and sustainable values. We will be issuing our own paper currency. More of this later.

1st of Januray 2018. Dreamcoin paper currency, Winter's World tv series, Espoo sea area canoe, juniper bow, and hunting cabin at Punkalaidun Dreamland are in the pipeline for this year. Development of web wallet has started (linux server based). This year we will focus on photo/video production (promotional purposes) to activate more Dreamteam founders (http://dreamcoin.fi/Dreamteamb.pdf).

8th of March 2018. 'Imagine Collective' Dreamteam founded on February with Zamara Bennet (https://steemit.com/@meowzinator). Fyke built and ready for fish harvest this spring (2 square meter net). Crex24 has accepted DRM/BTC trade pair (https://crex24.com/exchange/DRM-BTC)

14th of May 2018. Apple and plum trees planted to Punkalaidun Dreamland. The species are Melba, Lobo, Dolgo (apple trees 5 pcs total). Red plum tree Kuntala (5 pcs). Ordered chaka mushroom(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inonotus_obliquus) starter kid from Nordic Fungi (https://nordicfungi.space/pakurikaavan-viljely). More updates by June.

10th of June 2018. Esbo Canoe built and ready, will be transported to Helsinki Eastside sea area for harvest (fishing). PHP based 'guestbook' published by august - there Dreamers can write and share ideas and advices ( ecological farming, fishing, hunting, gathering, medical herbs, domestic animals, wool works, weaponry, cloth, cotton, building, wood construction, pottery, heating, gold panning and beyond.)

29th of October 2018. Canoe built at Esbo 'Dragon' is sailed to Vanda River. The boat arrived 26th of october, way ahead of schedule. The voyage was a success. The journey will continue up stream towards Kervo River and beyond where water is clear and brown trouts thrive. Instead of PHP based guestbook we have launched Discord channel. I welcome everyone to join in - https://discord.gg/ZdB2tV7. Logs for 'Hunting Cabin' at Freedomland are ordered, the construction can begin - the development will be recorded at Discord. Only few more days to All Hallows Eve. Have a great feast all you Dreamers -your heart is free.

5th of April 2020. One year past all too quickly, 2019 was spend on Freedomland Temple (log house) here at capital area (Finland). The work will be finished by autumn. The year has begun with world wide changes in global trade, and health - we Dreamers are not surprised of looming economic crash and are well prepared. The Dreamers aim for self sustainable lifestyle - sun energy is harvested via forest, sea, fields, and electronic panels. We have in nature everlasting resort of wellfare. Taking the Freedomland Temple to completion will be our main goal this year, other targets lay at incubation (once again), farming, and of course fishing (the master fyke is ready at Matilda, ready for harvesting sea resources). We have another eventfull and prosperous year ahead Dreamers. Have the courage to follow your heart.