Dreamcoin roadmap, february 2016

From your hands more than mine will rest the success or failure of our course - together we will reach the stars

- Stealth Wallet - by march
- Cool graphical user interface for Dreamcoin client - april
- Resources from our sea area(Matilda) turned into gold and silver - may
- A Dreamcoin marketcap (developers value estimate of Dreamcoin - real value - not speculative) - june
- Dream stakes - july

Other important information: Seventh Wave ltd will join MIP TV - The global TV & digital content market for promoting Winter's Edge (payment's processed via Dreamcoin during production of the animated feature film). The exhibition will take place at France, Cannes on 4th of april 2016.

- Tomi Sosunov, Dreamcoin lead developer

Further reading
The sun, volcanic and the thermonuclear energy - givers of all life on earth. The value of Dreamcoin is bind to these two sources of energy and to the precious metals at the core of the earth. The Dream Note (a downloadable pdf) is a manual how to harness the energy of the sun and nature by ecological farming, fishing, hunting, gathering, medical herbs, domestic animals, wool works, weaponry, cloth, cotton, building, wood construction, pottery, heating, gold panning and beyond.

Seventh Wave ltd - a film production company from Finland has accepted Dreamcoin as payment system for their latest animated feature film Winter's Edge (see trailer -> https://vimeo.com/112699064). The production team will be paid with Dreamcoins (redeemable for silver and gold). Technical developments under research - anonymous transactions, shapeshift client, and Dreamcoin debit card(card linked to your Dreamcoin wallet). Important dates - 1st of january Dream Bible ready (1st edition) - Winter's Edge themesong and animatic ready